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The 2 Biggest Make Money Online and Internet Marketing Myths Exposed – FREE and EASY!

When I hear the words free and easy I think of the Dierks Bentley song, Free and Easy. I’m sure there are others but for the sake of this context we’ll go with that.

When it comes the make money online niche of internet marketing there are a lot of marketers whose pitch is predicated on easy. They want you to believe this crazy notion that the overhyped product they’re trying to sell you is so crazy easy that anyone can do it and they themselves are currently making dump truck loads of cash with this brand new, white hot, push button software that will deliver you ten thousand dollars overnight just by pasting a simple link on Facebook.

I’m obviously being dramatic here and of course your results may vary but you get my point. You have probably seen and heard all of these crazy ass types of sales pitches. Folks it’s time for a breath of honesty and I’m just the one to give it to you. Shit I’m going to give you a whole oxygen bottle full of breaths of honesty.

Easy is and has always been a matter of perspective. The reality is that what is easy to me might not be easy for you and visa versa. It’s critical for you to understand that you will have to commit yourself entirely to any make money online course that you’re considering buying. You will have to invest your time or money, or very likely both. Easy is a matter of opinion but don’t make a buying decision off of someone’s hype about it being easy. If it was that easy then everyone would be doing it!

Free is another thing that is a matter of perspective. If you are someone who currently holds a job then I presume that you want to make the most money possible per hour or based on an annual salary. By that rationale then your time is not free! You would not work for free, correct? Then why do you so casually waste your “free” time as if there is always going to be more. It’s okay, I’ll waste two hours today and put in four hours tomorrow. An online business doesn’t work that way. If you want to find success with an online business or any business for that matter, you need to stop wasting time and understand that your time is not free.

Commit yourself fully to the process of making money and in all likelihood you will in fact make money. I believe it’s really important that you understand these things before you invest your time or money because if you come into the internet marketing world with the wrong mindset then there is NOT a course available that can help you.

Do not start an online business because you believe it will be free and easy or because you think you will earn ten thousand dollars per month at the push of a button. Start an online business because you are looking for a way to add an additional revenue stream to your income or because you would prefer to replace your current income stream.

Working from home affords a person a lot of luxuries. The greatest luxury being time. However working from home means that you must be disciplined so you don’t fall victim to all the potential distractions that are available at home. You will need to actually work and get things done even when working from home. Some people simply can’t do this because they get distracted too easily.

Are there ways you can make money online for free? Yes of course. You probably already post links on social media accounts. If you are running an online business then you can theoretically post your affiliate link for “free” on social media platforms among other places.

At the end of the day free and easy can exist in the make money online internet marketing space, however I would not begin a business, any business, with the idea that it’s going to be free or easy. All businesses face challenges and yours will be no different!

Last modified: March 27, 2017

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